• What should I do when I receive my work?

    When you receive your order, please immediately open it and inspect the artwork. In the unlikely event of damage, please immediately photograph the damage of both the art and the packaging and email to info@testudomkt.com with your order number. Any damage must be reported within 5 days of receipt.

  • Can I ship to a PO Box?

    Unfortunately, our shipping partners are unable to ship to PO boxes.

  • How does shipping work?

    To ensure the safety of our artwork, we work with our artists and shippers with art-handling expertise to ensure your order reaches your home safely. Each piece will be custom-packed and delivered to your door.

  • Are shipments insured?

    Yes, all our shipments include full risk insurance.

  • Will I receive updates when my work has shipped?

    Yes! You will receive email updates with tracking information for your order.

  • Where does Testudo ship?

    Currently we only ship to the continental United States. Stay tuned for international shipping.

  • How is shipping calculated at checkout?

    Our shipment rates are determined by the size, fragility and delivery location. Shipping artwork requires the highest care - we do everything to ensure each piece reaches you safely.

  • How long will shipping take?

    After your order is placed, artworks typically take 2-3 weeks to be delivered to you.

  • Can I change my shipping address once an order has been placed?

    We may be able to accommodate changes to delivery addresses. Please email info@testudomkt.com with your order number if you need to change the delivery address.


  • Why do I have to wait a year to resell work?

    To prevent speculation, Testudo requires a one year waiting period for all resale. This is to protect the careers of the artists on Testudo and the integrity of our ecosystem.

  • Why should I use Testudo to resell?

    Testudo offers several benefits for reselling. The closed ecosystem ensures every piece can have a long life and safely pass from one loving collector to another. Testudo also has an excited base of collectors for each artist we work with, ensuring easier reselling than using other platforms. Additionally, reselling with us makes packing and shipping easy - ARTA handles it all for you. Finally, when you resell on Testudo, the resale royalty is split between you and the next owner - when it sells, each of you pay 2.5%.

  • How do I know a work someone is reselling is authentic?

    Pieces on Testudo only originate from approved artists. Each time a work resells, we bring it back to our headquarters to inspect the condition and authenticate the piece again.

  • When am I able to resell work?

    Artworks purchased on Testudo are available to resell one year after the date of purchase.

  • What is the resale royalty?

    Once you resell a work, the artist receives 5% of the total sales price. If you decide to resell through Testudo, you pay the artist only half (2.5%), while the next collector pays the other half. If you choose not to resell the artwork through Testudo, you are required to pay the royalty to the artist directly

  • Are you looking for writers for your editorial section?

    Yes! We're looking to partner with freelance writers to add to our site. See our pitch guide for more instructions!

  • Why does the original artist receive a resale royalty?

    For too long, artists have had limited means of participating in the appreciation of their work over time. We believe it’s only fair that every time their work resells on our site they receive a 5% royalty. Learn more about our support for resale royalties here.

  • How does shipping work if I resell a work?

    When you resell an artwork, we will work with you to determine the best way to pick up your work from your home. All resold artworks return to Testudo’s headquarters for authentication and condition checks before heading to the home of the next collector.

  • Can I list artworks I bought somewhere else for resale on Testudo?

    No, to maintain the integrity of our site, we only allow pieces that originally sold on Testudo to be resold on the platform.


  • Do artworks come with a certificate of authenticity?

    Yes, all artworks on Testudo will be accompanied by a digital Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and a Testudo representative.

  • What do we mean by closed ecosystem?

    The closed ecosystem refers to the fact that all artwork on the platform comes exclusively from Testudo-selected artists. Collectors have the ability to resell pieces, but pieces can only enter the platform via artists we have hand-picked. This maintains the integrity and authenticity of the platform itself, and ensures collectors have the highest degree of safety and security possible.

  • How does Testudo select artists to work with?

    Testudo selects artists to feature on our platform based on artistic merit, which we define as those possessing a unique and/or significant voice in their chosen medium. Testudo has a strict non-discrimination policy, and our platform provides equal selection opportunities to all artists and prohibits discrimination of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, marital status, genetics, military status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

  • Can I return a piece I have purchased?

    Due to the nature of our operation, we do not offer refunds or returns. All sales are final. However, in the unlikely event of damage, please immediately photograph the damage of both the art and the packaging and email to info@testudomkt.com with your order number. Any damage must be reported within 5 days of receipt.

  • Does Testudo offer framing?

    Testudo does not offer framing at this time.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    We accept payment via major credit cards through our payment processor, Stripe. Additional methods of payment may become available in the future.

  • Are the colors exactly as they appear on my screen?

    We make every effort to accurately display the color of all artworks available on our site. However, we cannot guarantee that all monitors and screens will exactly display the color as they appear in person.

  • Why should I buy art on Testudo?

    Buying art on Testudo is beneficial for artists and collectors alike. First, artists on Testudo receive a higher percentage of their sales than traditional galleries and other platforms. Artists on Testudo receive 90% of the list price of each work sold, as well as a 5% royalty whenever work resells. Our system is also built for long-term collection management. Testudo allows you to view all the pieces you’ve purchased from us and manage the details of date purchased, price paid, etc. Our closed ecosystem also allows you to resell works purchased on Testudo to other enthusiastic collectors if you want to change or downsize your collection. We’re bringing together the next generation of artists and collectors while supporting both sides for the long term.

  • Why do we charge a Buyer’s Premium?

    We want our artists to keep as much as possible from the sale of their work, and the buyer’s premium allows us to achieve that goal. The premium also supports our team in continuing to deliver engaging content for collectors and invite more artists to join our platform.

  • Where is Testudo based?

    Testudo is based in Brooklyn, NY.

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