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  • Invisible Souls of Beau Dick’s Masks at Andrew Kreps Gallery

    By Nina Chkareuli-Mdivani

    In the exhibition Walas Gwa’yam/Big, Great Whale on view through May 11th at Andrew Kreps gallery in Tribeca, Beau Dick (1955-2017) displays his mastery of carved ceremonial masks from his Kwakwaka’wakw culture on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada. Gleaming with singular artistic presence, masks come to life to protect and guide us.

  • Four Highlights from the 81st Whitney Biennial

    By Zach Ngin

    The Whitney Biennial is one of the country’s most closely watched exhibitions. Each iteration aspires to take the temperature of contemporary practice: anointing new stars, uncovering overlooked talents, and more often than not, stirring up some controversy or another. This year’s edition, titled “Even Better Than the Real Thing,” opened to the public on March 20. Here are four standout presentations from this year’s biennial – the works that made me crouch down, lean in, and stand back.

  • Our Team's Monthly Picks: March 2024

    By Team Testudo

    Only 38% of the artists represented by galleries globally were female despite near even representation at art schools. At Testudo, women represent more than half our artists. This Women’s History Month, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our team's favorite pieces from Testudo.

  • Explorations in Art Theory Part 2: We Can or We Kant?

    By Taliesin Thomas

    In the second installment of this four-part series, writer Taliesin Thomas investigates the ideas of Immanuel Kant, dubbed the father of modern aesthetics. Kant's theories created the idea of formalism - Thomas explores where his theories are helpful while also probing their limitations.

  • Pittsburgh’s Bunker Projects & How Artist-Run Spaces Tackle Art, Money, and Community

    By Lexi Bishop

    For over 70 years, artist-run spaces have challenged the commercial art world in order to prioritize experimentation and establish a community outside the mainstream, often contributing to the growth of once-neglected neighborhoods. Now over ten years old, Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA has become a unique example of sustainability without sacrificing its radical roots.

  • How the Art World is Evolving: A Conversation with Gallery Owner Cristin Tierney

    By Taliesin Thomas

    Cristin Tierney has run her eponymous New York gallery since 2010. In this interview with Taliesin Thomas, who has known her for over 20 years, she discusses how the art world is evolving post-pandemic, how she develops relationships with artists, and some of the most thrilling exhibitions from 2023.