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  • Explorations in Art Theory Part 1: Insights and Intrigues

    By Taliesin Thomas

    In the first installment of a four-part series, writer Taliesin Thomas identifies core issues, critical thinkers, and key theoretical texts that inform our understanding of art and aesthetics today. These essays investigate theoretical concepts to galvanize a foundation for engaging with artworks. First up: a look at why art theory matters and why Plato remains such a core figure in the field.

  • Understanding How Artwork is Priced

    By Kirby Voigtman

    Given the diversity of artists and mediums, how is artwork priced? Read this guide to better understand the pricing framework used by galleries and the limitations of auction house data.

  • Connecting with Artists

    By Kate Parvenski

    Kate Parvenski produces our Studio Spotlight video series, offering up a behind-the-scenes look at our artists’ work and their practices. After a summer of visits, we asked Kate for some tips on connecting with artists in their studios.

  • Introduction to US Community Mural Movements

    By Rachel Heidenry

    While commonplace today, public murals created by and for local communities weren’t always so prominent. Explore the history of community mural movements in the US through the stories and artists in three cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

  • Honing Your Eye for Talented Artists

    By The Testudo Team

    Our best practices for understanding and identifying talent in an overwhelming art market.

  • How to Support Artists

    By The Testudo Team

    One of the most important aspects of engaging with art is supporting artists - both directly and indirectly. Learn more about how you can help artists continue to create.